My family and I have a little homestead in the beautiful seacoast of NH. Some days we can smell the ocean air on our farm and There is nothing better. We purchased our little slice of heaven 4 years ago and have never looked back. We are renovating our home one room at a time and are loving every minute of it.


Although I adore our spot, it is because our home houses my favorite people. 


My husband, Jason, who is an amazing wood craftsman that somehow juggles an engineering career, my crazy interior design ideas for our farm and four energetic and hilarious kiddos.


Braydon, a very smart and quiet thinker who is THE sweetest boy. 


Miles, an avid animal lover with the BEST imagination. 


Bennett, a climber and adventurer who sees the nearest tall tree as a pirate ship or dinosaur look out.


Finley, junior designer in training, our sweet daughter who is strong willed and passionate about her chickens. 


Our life is unexpected, sometimes super messy (hello chicken in the house), but filled with lots of laughs as we create our dream home.


Welcome to Cider Street.

I hope you come here and feel inspired!

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